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Blog Watching: Week ending January 15, 2022

A month of extreme winter weather in Prince Rupert has many residents of the North Coast and beyond into the Inland areas just a little weary, with road conditions both local and on the Highway making for a frequently discussed topic for a good portion of the last fifteen days.

That stretch of weather served to propel two of our stories this week to the top of the reading list, with out notes related to an appearance by Prince Rupert City Councillor Barry Cunningham on Daybreak North, generating significant interest on themes of road conditions and airport travel.

A pair of civic topics also captured significant interest this week, that as we explored the recent BC Assessment release with a focus on the commercial sector; as well as to relay some notes on Monday's announcement from Mayor Lee Brain that he will not seek a third term as the city's top elected official.

Rounding out the list of five for the week, was our review of a report released this week on the interception of BC Bound salmon by Alaska fishing crews along the Southeast Alaska panhandle area.

However, to was the winter weather conditions for travellers along Highway 16 which made for the topic that resonated the most with readers over the last seven days.

Prince Rupert councillor Barry Cunningham calls on MLA Jennifer Rice to be more proactive on calls for Highway maintenance  -- A week of on and off road closures and at times dangerous driving conditions, had the CityCouncillor expressing his concerns through the Daybreak North morning program. With Mr. Cunningham noting of his desire for more involvement of the North Coast MLA when it comes to highway issues.   (posted January 13  , 2022)

That article was followed by: 

As plans evolve in Prince Rupert, Commercial Assessments in City Core/Cow Bay on the rise  -- We followed up our review from last week of the recent BC Assessment releases for residential properties, with a few notes on the commercial sector assessments, with a glimpse ahead towards some of the high profile areas of note for potential development in the next few years.     (posted January 14, 2022)

The 2022 race for the Mayoralty is wide open, as Lee Brain announces that he will Not run for re-election --  Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain surprised many residents of the city with a Facebook announcement Monday just before the first council session of 2022; his commentary noting that he would not be seeking a third term as Mayor of the community in the fall municipal election.   (posted January 10, 2022)   
SkeenaWild throws flag on the Alaska Intercept ... with Alaskans said to be scooping up huge volumes of Canada bound species -- A report this week, co-authored by two British Columbia conservation organizations put some data towards a long held belief by many in the province that much of the BC bound salmon never makes it past the Alaskan panhandle  (posted January 13 , 2022)  

Air Travel had its challenges during recent Prince Rupert weather event -- Another item from Councillor Cunningham's radio appearance this week, provided a glimpse at some of the challenges faced by the Prince Rupert airport during the recent stretch of extreme weather.   (posted January 14, 2022)

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