Friday, January 21, 2022

Regional District launches Five Year Financial planning process as part of two sessions over weekend

The members of the Board for North Coast Regional District are gathering virtually this weekend, marking their first Regular Meeting for 2022, and as they do, making plans for the Five Year Financial plan and Budget for the District is a topic that will dominate much of their discussions. 

The range of funding, capital projects and other financial obligations setting the table for a potential tax increase on residents of communities that make up the District; with Prince Rupert and Port Edward looking at an increase in their taxation if the budget is followed up on as presented.

For Prince Rupert the financial ask makes for a 3.7% increase, while Port Edward's potential increase is noted as 9.3%

From the North Coast Regional District Agenda for Saturday
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As part of those conversations, the Regional District has launched its consultation process towards the Five Year Financial planning ahead. 

Some background on the process and the timeline for the budget work which continues through to March can be reviewed here.

How the consultation process works
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Where things go from the Weekend sessions to the end of the process is outlined here.

You can provide input to the process through two options. 

You can write to Regional District at or take part in their schedule of public meetings using the teleconference links provided in their information relay found at the bottom of this link.

Among the many other items of note on the agenda for the weekend, the two days of meetings will also feature a review of the recently completed housing study for the Regional District

That report examines the state of accommodation in rural areas as well as the urban communities, with a lack of affordable housing something not limited to the Prince Rupert area.

Board Directors will also receive a presentation from the North Pacific Cannery Historical Society, which will outline the many challenges that the Historical site in Port Edward has faced in the last two years of COVID, as well as some of the financial requests that they have for 2022. 

Also of interest from the Prince Rupert/Port Edward side of the Regional District, are funding or Grant in Aid requests from the Museum of Northern British Columbia, Prince Rupert Library, Lester Centre of the Arts, Prince Rupert City and Regional Archives,

Along with the funding requests, are capital spending and maintenance plans for the Regional Recycling facility on Kaien Road.

You can review all of the budget planning and documentation from the Agenda packages for both the Friday and Saturday sessions.

Friday Agenda for 7PM session

Saturday Agenda for 10 AM session

More notes on Regional District can be explored here.

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