Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Everybody out of the Pool ...

It's been a frustrating start of the year for those with a resolution to include swimming in their revised exercise regimen, one that until recently had a pause on gym activity.  

That as the Earl May Aquatic Centre finds staff shortages taking the hours available for a swim or some laps off the schedule at the Recreation Centre facility.

A stream of announcements over the last few days tells the tale of the current situation at the pool.

The staffing situation, which these days is exacerbated by COVID protocols, is not one unique to Prince Rupert, with many smaller communities across the province reporting similar issues in finding trained staff to fill out the roster of available lifeguards and other members of recreation centre positions.

In Prince Rupert, the Recreation Department is looking towards finding some solutions, hosting a pair
of Training programs over the upcoming Spring Break, where participants can work towards acquiring lifeguard certification.  

The Recreation Centre is offering two programs in the Spring, the Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross programs.

Until the next stream of Lifeguards come along however, it would seem that sudden pool closures and challenging staffing issues will continue to be an ongoing theme for the Earl Mah Aquatic Centre.

To check on whether the pool is available or sessions suspended, follow the Recreation Centre Facebook page or call the Earl Mah Aquatic Centre at (250) 627 7946 to check on current capacity limits.

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