Tuesday, January 18, 2022

City of Prince Rupert brings Building Facade program back for 2022

A chance for Prince Rupert commercial property owners to 
add to the visuals of their building is available once again
through the City of Prince Rupert Business Facade program

The City of Prince Rupert is looking to help some business and commercial property owners spruce up their appearance once again, with the City announcing another year of funding ahead for the 2022 Business Façade Improvement program.

The program which has been used by a number of businesses over the last few years provides funding for local business in specific commercial areas to complete exterior improvements and serves to support the City's goals for downtown revitalization and beautification.

The program is funded by a 20,000 dollar grand from Northern Development Initiative Trust which has been the driving force of the program since it was created. The program provides a 50% reimbursement grant up to a maximum of $5,000 per building/project to improve existing building facades. 

Successful applicants will receive financial assistance in the form of a non- repayable grant, for eligible projects upon completion.   

“Over the years this program has been operating, we have been able to see some real tangible upgrades to our streetscape through the businesses who have participated. We are grateful to NDIT to continuing to offer these funds to support small businesses in our community.” -- Paul Vendittelli, Economic Development Officer.

The areas of the city that qualify for the program include the Downtown and Cow Bay Business Development permit areas.

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Among the city's hopes for the initiative are five key elements for commercial property owners to consider:

Making Prince Rupert a more inviting and interesting place to eat, shop, walk and play. 
Promoting the marketability of retail and commercial businesses 
Helping building owners to attract and retain tenants
Improving the quality of life residents, workers and visitors to Prince Rupert enjoy. 
Building civic pride among the business community and the citizens.

For its part NDIT's CEO Joel McKay noted the impact that the program provides for communities.

“The Business Façade Improvement Program is an excellent way for local governments and local businesses to enhance existing store-fronts, which in turn attracts tourists and visitors. We are pleased that the City of Prince Rupert continues to reap the benefits of this program.”  -- Joel McKay, CEO, Northern Development Initiative Trust.

The Application deadline is May 31st 2022. 

You can learn more about the program from the City of Prince Rupert's information page here.

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  1. Investments like this are always welcome. But a fund to help rural businesses adopt and incorporate new technologies are in much more demand than street signage.

    Two examples that come to mind are;
    -A fund to help local companies adopt new touchless payment technology. Think of our local taxi company.
    - ecommerce enhancements for retail and hospitality sector Think of our local seafood companies or gift galleries.