Friday, January 14, 2022

4.3 magnitude earthquake recorded off Vancouver Island, south of Haida Gwaii

Two 4.3 magnitude earthquakes have been recorded off 
Vancouver Island in the last day
(map from USGS)

There has been another moderate temblor recorded in an area just off the tip of Vancouver Island that has seen frequent seismic activity in recent moths, with two 4.3 magnitude earthquakes recorded 223 kilometres north of Port McNeill on the Island.

The first was noted yesterday at 10:30 PM the second earlier this morning at 12:25.

No Tsunami issues were reported related to the two events.

Things are rumbling a bit to the north of Prince Rupert as well, with a 4.6 magnitude quake recorded along. the Alaskan panhandle near Pelican, west of Sitka Alaska this morning.

No Tsunami issues were reported from that event as well.

Sitka is 436 kilometres northwest of Prince Rupert

You can review our notes on seismic themes here.

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