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Progress on Water Dam, Eat Street plans ... slight delay in progress for Third Ave East extension among themes from Major Projects Report

Richard Pucci the City of Prince Rupert's Operations Director
provided a Major Projects update on Monday evening

The City's Operations Director Richard Pucci provided for a monthly checklist on some of the City's Major project work at Monday's City Council session, the update marking the progress for some of the higher profile items on the city's to do list.

Mr. Pucci making note that there has not been a lot of progress this month, as the city comes out of the Holiday period which saw a pause on much of the work.

"There hasn't been a lot of major project progress over the last month or so, just because of the holiday break and a lot of the consultants and teams working on these were also away and taking a break, but there has been some progress"

Among the positive trends were reports on the City's Woodworth Lake Water Dam project, with Mr. Pucci noting that the project is now 90 percent complete, with building now taking place on the main structure with hopes towards an April completion and a return to Woodworth Lake for the city's water supply.

"I am very pleased to say that our Woodworth Dam is approximately 90 percent complete, we've seen some very good progress in the last couple of months. Even with the weather, we were still able to get the project out of the ground, it's taking shape and we are building on the main part of the dam right now. 

And we are looking to have that operational for the end of March, early April  and commission it and be back on our main water supply sometime in April . So where we are at now, we are out of a lot of the flood risks and a lot of the other risks associated with weather"

The Eat Street project, which will feature a number of the City's Food Trucks gathered around the newly installed Urban Loo at Third Avenue West and Seventh Street is getting closer to an opening, with the Director noting that it requires a bit of electrical work and finishing touches before the site becomes a Foodie's utopia.

"The Eat Street Project is about 95 percent complete, the project is just waiting for a little bit more of electrical, but other than that it's ready to go. The Snow and the Ice obviously stalled that project, we're just going to do a final grade and open it up very soon"

Mr. Pucci also observed that the Landfill cell expansion is complete, with the City now awaiting final word from the province to allow them to put the facility into operation.

"The new landfill cell I am very pleased to say is complete. So we are just putting ... submitting our DOCP which is our Design Operations and Enclosure Plan to the Ministry of Environment and we are looking to receive  that back soon and we can start putting refuse into that cell"

The Operations Director also declared the launch of Curbside Recycling as a success making note of the first three weeks of the new service.

"The recycling program 100 percent complete. We are very pleased with the roll out of that. We are still working out some kinks in it, but we are pleased to say that the program we feel is a success and  staff are very pleased with how that is going with the community.

Progress on the Road extension past RONA to the Marina District 
has been set back
by a few geo technical issues
(Map from Prince Rupert 2030 presentation
click to enlarge)

One item not going as quickly as the City anticipated is the extension of Third Avenue East that will take the roadway behind RONA and connect with George Hills Way further to the West.

On that project, Mr. Pucci made note of some geo technical issues that need to be investigated further in the area of redevelopment.

"The Third Avenue Extension is approximately fifteen percent complete, we are doing new geotechnical investigation on that project. We have found some issues with some geo-tech there that we have to investigate to either pre-load or digging out"

Some of the other topics covered included the forward momentum on the RCMP detachment,  the Water line communication program known as SCADA, the. planning for the Sewage treatment project, submarine line to Woodworth Lake and the City as well as the Water Treatment project and that of the Waterfront development plans.

The Council members had no questions or comments to add to his report upon his completion of the January checklist on Monday evening.

Mr. Pucci's Report is available for review from the City Council Agenda for January 24th, his checklist available for review below:

click to enlarge

You can take in the Operations Director's Major Projects Tutorial from the City's Video Archive starting at the one minute mark.

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