Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Missed games owing to COVID to be costly for Terrace River Kings

There were a lot of big hits delivered on the ice on Saturday night when the Prince Rupert Rampage and Terrace River Kings battled to their 3-3 Double OT drawbut the biggest hit of the night came from the CIHL office, which nailed the River Kings with a whopping 7,000 dollar fine for missed games owing to COVID.

CFTK TV 7 provided some extensive background on the controversy last night, noting how league President Ron German, who is also the GM of the Prince Rupert Rampage, assessed the fines when the River Kings backed out of a weekend trip to the Cariboo for January 7 & 8. 

The road trip was cancelled after a number of River Kings came down with COVID, with the team deicing to take a pass on the lengthy run into the Cariboo.

The League president told CFTK the situation is not so much a fine but rather a compensation for lost ice time for Quesnel and Williams Lake, further noting that if the CIHL  let teams off the hook on these situations the league could fold up.

For his part the River Kings GM Ross Smith noted how with reduced capacity they are struggling, the fine is an additional burden which they can't afford.

With the River Kings having had a spectacular run this year, still to lose a game since October, the team has found a way to pay the fine so as not to be elimination from the playoffs.  

However the River Kings will appeal the ruling to BC Hockey.

As the controversy plays out in the BC Hockey boardroom, keep an eye on the calendar, with an interesting match up on the horizon

The last game of the regular season features a trip to Prince Rupert by Terrace, and the league fine should serve to add just one more element to a thriving rivalry between the two teams.

The River Kings are not the only team that has had to cancel games on short notice, with Hazelton recently having had to postpone a game with the Rampage, no details  were listed for that cancellation.

More notes on the CIHL can be reviewed from our archive page.

 ** note story has been corrected to reflect the total value of the fine as 7,000 dollars

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