Monday, January 24, 2022

City Council cancels Committee of the Whole element for tonight's gathering

One element of City Council's work as part of the final January Council session won't be taking place tonight. With the City advising on Friday, that the Committee of the Whole process of the Monday meeting has been cancelled.

The City's documentation makes note of the Procedure Bylaw in place for such requirements and how they can cancel the session;  but it does not offer much in the way of an explanation as to why they have chosen to cancel the element, which is only in place for the last meeting of each month,.

While not often taken advantage of by the public, the Committee of the Whole is the one opportunity that residents of Prince Rupert have to contribute to Council sessions and raise concerns, or ask questions in a public forum on items that they may be curious about.

The decision to remove the public comment opportunity, is one which someone on the Council membership may want to raise during the Councillor comment period at the end of the Regular Council session which is still on for tonight starting at 7PM.

More notes on the Monday Council gathering can be explored from our Preview here.

A wider overview of past Council Discussion themes is available here.

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