Thursday, January 20, 2022

With planning percolating for 2022 tourism season, Tourism Prince Rupert looks to add to their team

With hopes of a more normal tourism season to come for 2022, Tourism Prince Rupert officials are busy making plans for the year ahead, working on a number of local initiatives to be shared later on in the year, as well as to keep an eye on how the season may play out when the warmer weather arrives.

Among the plans for 2002 is the introduction of a new way finding sign program for the city, something outlined last last year.

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Tourism Prince Rupert's Executive Director, Ceilidh Marlow also hints of plans for additional features to enhance the tourism experience in Prince Rupert to come in 2022, though she's not quite ready to reveal all of their work just yet.

Towards the year ahead, Tourism Prince Rupert is looking to add to their staff, with the organization  posting the Position of Marketing Manager this week, a full time, permanent post to help share the word of the wonders of the North Coast Experience.

The position features a range of duties and responsibilities, along with the need for a wide skill set and qualifications towards the post.

You can explore what Tourism Prince Rupert is looking for and what they have to offer the successful candidate here.

A bit of a primer on how they have approached Marketing in the past few years can be found here, with a look back at some of the recent marketing campaigns for Tourism, a few of them put together  in some challenging times.

If you have any questions,  you can contact Ceilidh Marlow at Tourism Prince Rupert to explore the posting further.

The Deadline for Applications is February 11, 2021, the first day on the job could be as soon as March 14th.

To hold us over until the start of the 2022 season, the Tourism Prince Rupert Facebook page has been offering some short features on a range of themes well worth checking out

More notes on the Tourism Sector in the Northwest can be reviewed here.

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