Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue, RCMP attend to vehicle incident on Park Avenue

Travellers along Park Avenue were rerouting around a stretch of Park Avenue over the noon hour on Tuesday, as members of the Prince Rupert Fire Rescue and the Prince Rupert RCMP attended to a multiple vehicle incident on the busy arterial road.

A Tow truck was also called in to take care of the situation, with the RCMP blocking west bound traffic at five corners sending motorists and smaller trucks to travel around the incident using 11th Street. 

Emergency Responders on Park Avenue over the noon hour

Eastbound traffic was allowed to pass, though RCMP members were directing motorists along their travels.

RCMP members were controlling the flow of traffic from Five Corners
to 11th Street over the noon hour Tuesday

The conditions along Park Avenue were slick this morning with near freezing temperatures, though it's not known if that contributed to the incident. 

There so far has been no update provided from the Prince Rupert detachment to indicate whether any injuries were suffered.

The road had been cleared by 12:45 and normal traffic had resumed.

More notes on the work of Emergency responders can be reviewed here

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