Monday, January 17, 2022

Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association to gain additional funding from Province of British Columbia

Some of the equipment at the PRGA's new home 
in the City leased CANFISCO warehouse facility
(Photo from PRGA FB page)

With the Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association now settled into their new home at the Canfisco Warehouse near Rushbrhook Floats, North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice is sharing word of some additional funding for the Prince Rupert based group.

Ms. Rice notes that a capital grant from the Community Gaming Grants program will allow the Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association to purchase enhanced equipment to deliver more accessible programs to people of all ages and abilities.   

 “As they settle into their beautiful new facility, this new equipment will allow the association to expand their programs to serve more people of all ages and abilities. Indoor sports help people stay active and healthy all year round, and I’m grateful that Prince Rupert has such a supportive and accessible gymnastics community.” 

The funding for this cycle will see the PRGA receive a grant of $93,236 this year to purchase new equipment, including an air pit system, specialized equipment to expand the male gymnastics program, and bars and other equipment that will support accessibility for people of varying abilities.

Last year the organization received just over 89,000 dollars as part of the previous funding cycle.

The funding today is part of five million dollars in funding delivered across the province for 45 not-for-profit groups for their capital projects in 2021-22.

More on that announcement is available here, the full list of capital project funding can be examined here.  

You can follow how they plan to make use of their new funding from the PRGA Facebook page.

The PRGA funding is the only funding directed to a North coast group in this round of of funding.

For more notes on Gymnastics in the Northwest see our archive page here.   

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