Monday, January 24, 2022

Air Canada Temporarily reduces flight options out of Prince Rupert

There's been no official announcement made, but residents or travellers out of Prince Rupert have had fewer options in the last few weeks when it comes to booking a flight into or out of the city with Air Canada, which is the only scheduled air carrier with service to the city.

For a portion of January, booking flights to or from the city on a Tuesday or a Thursday has not possible, with the airline not offering flights on those days. 

Something reflected by an air movement listings from the  air movement tracker FlightRadar24 service which confirms the gap in travel options in recent times.

The situation seems to be one that will continue into February, with the first Tuesday flight available from or to the city listed through the Air Canada reservations page that on February 15th.

No explanation has been outlined through the YPR website, as to why the Tuesday/Thursday options have been suspended for the time being,

The reduced level of options until mid February leaves travellers with five flight options per week out of the Digby Island Airport.

More notes on air travel in the Northwest can be explored here.

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