Friday, January 28, 2022

Prince Rupert residents Rat Reports bring some civic guidance

From west side to the east of Prince Rupert, City Hall has
reported a rise in the sightings of rats across the city
(photo from City of PR)

They scurry down back lanes, prowl the sewers and look for any opportunity to find a way into our homes and in January, the Rats of Prince Rupert have apparently been very active.

Such it seems is the volume of calls to City Hall, that the City's communication office has released some guidance for residents as to how they can take measures around their homes to keep the rodent incursions at bay.

The City's social media page also includes some advice from the Federal government on rodent control themes.

The notes for the public don't identity any particular area of the city facing the largest incursions and the rodents do like to travel in search of food sources, as well as to keep residents up at night should they hear an unusual sound.

Who me? Where?
(photo from National Geographic website)

Not mentioned in the civic update is that if an area is seeing increased calls on rodents, the City does take some acton itself beyond helpful home advice.  

Dispatching crews from the Operations Department to gauge the level of the situation and offer some further guidance to residents as to what additional measures may be required.

You can always give City Hall a call with your reports and questions at 250-627-1781

As well, if there are bylaw concerns when it comes to neighbours in your neighbourhood where you may believe a rodent problem exists, contacting the Bylaw office would be a good start towards seeking solutions to your troubles.

As well, contacting local Pest Control businesses can help bring a bit of peace of mind on any concerns over rodents, making sure that there are no welcome mats in place for them to mis-interpret.

More notes on themes of Civic Operations can be reviewed here, while past civic notes can be explored on our archive page.

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  1. Do not get me wrong, any communication is good communication from the city and this brings awareness to the issue.

    But aren't bylaws put in place to ensure we don't get to this point?

    As a taxpayer, am I asking to much of the city to take more of a proactive approach?

    - Uncontrolled growth of vegetation, brush or grass in excess of 30 cms in height
    - Uncontained compost piles
    - Materials of any sort that are strewn about the real property rather than piled in
    a neat and appropriate manner
    - Exterior finishing of premises that has become excessively dirty or dilapidated
    through lack of maintenance