Sunday, January 30, 2022

Blog Watching: Week Ending January 30, 2022

Education themes dominated two out of our Five top items for the week, with our look at the sparse nature of information sharing coming out of the School Board offices these days, along with with moves by the local Teachers' union to supply its members with N95 masks for use at local schools, both gaining some strong attention over the last seven days.

It being a City Council week, a number of our stories coming out of Monday's Council session found a large audience, among the two to crack the list of Five, the Decision to go with the Alternate Approval Process for the loan authorization for the RCMP detachment, along with some notes on an east side resident's request to pay for some work on a lane adjacent to the property.

The pace of COVID also captured some attention this week, as the numbers of new cases declined for a number of communities across the Northwest.

However, the most read item for the week takes us to the School District 52 Offices and themes of communication.

Poor Grades for SD52 Board Administration on themes of communication -- After a good Start towards information sharing in September, the flow of detaisl on Board activities and measures; along with the release of background on Board meetings in recent weeks has not kept pace with developments out of the SD52 offices   (posted January  27 , 2022)

That article was followed by: 

Alternative  Approval Process the choice for council  on RCMP Loan Approval Vote  -- Council will be seeking the consent of residents towards a 25 Million dollar loan authorization for the new RCMP detachment and to gauge the level of interest in the loan requierment, they'll be using the Alternate Approval Process, which requires residents to advise City Hall if they object to the plan.   (posted January 26, 2022)

COVID counts begin decline in most areas of Northwest   -- After spiking significantly in the first two weeks of 2022, this week saw the case counts decline in a number of Northwest communities, though some areas of the region still have numbers of some concern   (posted January 26, 2022)   
7th Avenue East resident looks to pay for lane access remediation -- A variance request to get some work done around a property on 7th Avenue East is moving forward to public notification, with the property owner willing to pay the cost for the road work required. That request coming with City Council having apparently put aside any plans to introduce a Local Service Agreement with shared costs for area improvements.  (posted January 28, 2022)  

Prince Rupert Teachers' Union to offer membership N95 masks for use -- The union representing public school teachers with SD52 having expressed concerns over some of the COVID measures in local schools, has outlined a plan to provide for their own higher level mask for use of their members in local schools.    (posted January 24 , 2022)

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