Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Road Repairs on the horizon as City ramps up plans for remediation work

With the warmer weather has come a number of road conditions
to navigate around in the city

The need to navigate around the growing number of potholes in the community may soon come to somewhat of an end, as the City's Operations Department makes plans to tackle some of the more challenging of roadways in the next little while.

We took note last week of how the recent shift from extreme cold to warmer temperatures had done the roads no favours, that as a number of areas of the city suddenly spawned a number of new potholes to go along with some of the more longstanding ones in the community.

The topic of the roads came up at the end of Monday's Prince Rupert City Council session, with Councillor Gurvinder Randhawa making an enquiry of the city's Operations Director Richard Pucci about the plan ahead for the roads.

The City's Director of Operations Richard Pucci outlined
the short term plan to address road conditions on Monday evening

In reply, Mr. Pucci noted that the city had recently fired up its in house asphalt recycler plant and were making plans to address some of the road conditions around the city, though  he did offer caution with a weather forecast for the weeks ahead.

"We are just coming out of our winter season and I think that we're not out of it yet we usually have another cold snap and another little bit of snow that comes within the next few weeks and sometimes we even have it as late as the end of February.

We will be going out and doing some sweeping in the next little bit just to get the large amounts of sand off of the road, this is because if we leave that sand and gravel on the roads it gets into our catch basins and we will have some real issues with our storm system, so we will pick some of that up over the next little bit.

But yes, to answer your question we do have our hot mix asphalt plant up and running  every few days and we are looking at potholes and to fix them when the weather is OK to do that"

You can review the full discussion on the roads from the city's Video Archive page, starting at the 22 minute mark.

Further notes on the Monday Council session can be reviewed here.

For items of interest on the work of the Operations Department see our archive page here.

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