Friday, March 24, 2023

Liam McChesney to explore Transfer Window for his next season of NCAA play

Prince Rupert's Liam McChesney is looking to chart a new course for his NCAA basketball journey, the former Charles Hays Rainmaker providing a farewell to the fans of the Illinois Redbirds on Thursday.

The Redbird forward observed through his social media stream of his travels so far in America, thanking his family for their support, recounting the highs and lows of his college basketball times after four years of time in the NCAA.

The final segment of his message, makes for his farewell to Redbird Fans, as he announces his plans ahead to enter the NCAA Transfer Portal.

The Transfer Protocol,  is a 60 day opportunity for student athletes to look transfer to another program, the current window for the NCAA opening in mid March and will close on May 11th.

The declaration means that McChesney will be looking towards joining a third college basketball program as he winds down his time of eligibility for play at the NCAA level.

The Prince Rupert baller began that journey in 2018 when he signed his commitment sheet with Utah State, he joined the Grizzlies roster in 2019, a COVID year that followed meant an additional year for eligibility.  

After two seasons with Utah State, McChensey moved to the basketball crazy Midwest joining the Redbirds in June just ahead of the 2021-22 season

However as is often the case in the NCAA, the coach that recruited him and eased him into the Illinois State program, Dan Muller left the University at the end of last season.

His replacement Ryan Pedon, changing some of the focus of play, bringing a new direction for the Rupertite to fit the way he wanted his team to play.

Sometimes, though that isn't always a good fit for a player and can give cause for an athlete to consider that it may be time to move on. 

For McChesney, while thankful for his coaches and team mantes at Illinois State,  the moment to consider his future again appears to have arrived.

Having had a slight taste of the March Madness with Utah State in his first years, the former Rainmaker will likely be hoping his next roster spot with the NCAA will take him back to the month long season ending tournament that is currently winding down for 2023 without the Redbirds.

The Illinois State team never made it out of their Divisional playoffs this season.

As the Transfer window remains open, those on the North Coast who have been following his travels in the NCAA will be watching with interest to see where next we shall be putting our college basketball allegiances towards.

Some notes on his past travels can be reviewed through our archive pages here.

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