Monday, March 27, 2023

Coy Cup Schedule set for week long play for BC AA Senior Men's Championship

Four Senior Men's AA teams will be vying for the  
opportunity to have their name engraved onto the Coy Cup
this week as the final play for Senior Men's hockey takes place in Quesnel

The participating teams are set, the schedule drawn up and this week Quesnel will be the host for the final bit of action for AA Senior Men's hockey in the province.

BC Hockey offers up a bit of a history on The Coy Cup, donated by Colonel Coy of the 50th “Gordon Highlanders” Regiment of Victoria, B.C. It is emblematic of the Senior AA Amateur Hockey Championship of BC Hockey. The first Coy Cup was awarded in the 1922–1923 season. 

This year, thus marks the 100th anniversary for the storied trophy that has covered a lot of British Columbia Geography over the years.

Colonel Coy's gift will be taken a victory lap around the West Fraser Centre sometime on Saturday evening when the final match up for the 2022-23 Senior Men's season takes place.

The Quesnel Kangaroos are the host for this years event, the Terrace River Kings will be representing the CIHL that after their Final series with the Kangaroos earlier this month. 

The Penticton Silver Bullets and the Dawson Creek Canucks round out the four teams contesting for the championship this Spring. 

For Terrace the opportunity to avenge their season ending loss to Quesnel and the second chance in two years to bring the Coy Cup back to the Skeena Valley will provide for their  focus and hoped for momentum through the week. 

They will take their work tomorrow night when they play the host Kangaroos in the evening opening night match up at 8PM.

 The Silver Bullets and Canucks open the tourney with the ice breaker at 4:30 PM

The Full Schedule can be reviewed below:

CIHL fans can follow the tournament through the Quesnel Kangaroos Social Media stream.

Any media notes on the tournament and a look back at the CIHL season can be reviewed from our archive page.

Note: Tournament saw the withdrawal of Penticton following the passing of Morton Johnston, which resulted in a change to the schedule.

We will update the scores through the week below as the results come in.

Coy Cup Final
April 1 -- Terrace River Kings 2 vs Quensel Kangaroos 9
Quensel Kangaroos are the 2022-23 Coy Cup Champions

Semi Final 
March 31 -- Dawson Creek Canucks 4 vs Terrace River Kings 5

March 30 -- Dawson Creek Canucks 3 vs Quesnel Kangaroos 6
March 29 -- Terrace River Kings 6 vs Dawson Creek Canucks 3
March 28 -- Terrace River Kings 3  vs Quesnel Kangaroos 6 

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