Monday, March 20, 2023

Prince Rupert City Council to consider plans to form Accessibility Committee

Adopting policies towards Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity will be the focus tonight as part of the work of Prince Rupert city Council members, as they review the recommendations of a report from Veronika Stewart.

The City's manager of Communications, Engagement and Social Development will present a three page overview of the topic, along with a recommendation that Council direct staff to establish and Accessibility Committee and to seek out membership of the Committee of seven people from the public.

The report notes of three requirements that will come into effect province wide as of the fall. 

Establishment of an accessibility committee 
Development of an Accessibility Plan 
Establishment of a process for receiving public feedback

The full documentation is posted to the City Council Agenda Package and available for review below, 

click on above to enlarge

Council members will have opportunity to ask questions and seek out more background on the initiative as part of the 7PM Council session tonight.

As it is part of the Agenda package for tonight, members of the public also have opportunity to ask questions or provide comment towards the initiative, that will take place at the start of the Council session.

More notes on the Council work ahead can be reviewed from our Preview here.


  1. A good place to start is the sidewalk in front of city hall!
    It doesn't take a committee to discover this. Committees are a way to nothing on the file for another year.

    The city hopes forming a committee will display their concern.

    1. #MALICE Syndrome

      Municipal Aversion & Loathing in City Establishment

    2. No, the is not hoping that forming a committee will display their concern. The reason why a committee is being formed is because there is a legal requirement under new Provincial legislation to do so, and then to establish a plan and a process for feedback. The purpose of the legislation is to ensure that government, including at the municipal level, is accessible to Persons with Disabilities. I don't know how any right minded person could argue against or cynically dismiss that purpose and the importance of taking positive actions to ensure accessibility.

    3. I am in favour of accessibility for all. What is upsetting is the absolute lack of any attempt to make things better for the last 10 years. The city and council choose what gets fixed. Let the administration use a wheelchair in the downtown core. I will not even mention the sad state the sidewalks are in around the city around the city.