Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Prince Rupert residents to gain first glimpse of City's Budget plans for 2023 tonight

The start of the 2023 Budget process begins tonight, as Corrine Bomben, the City's Chief Financial Officer, makes use of a Special Committee of the Whole session, to provide the first look at the city's financial planning for the year ahead.

The Special session was announced on Tuesday, setting the time of 7 PM tonight for the CFO's presentation which will be streamed live on the city website.

As they note in their advisory, tonight is not a public engagement session, but rather that of an information session. 

The opportunity for public feedback on the proposed budget plan will come next month as part of the April 11th and 24th Council Sessions.

Monday night's Council session provided somewhat of a theme setter as to what to expect tonight.

With Mayor Herb Pond and many of the councillors noting of the challenges that remain for the city when it comes to operations and infrastructure.

The recent funding announcement of 65 million dollars from the Province was one which they greeted with gratitude, but were also quick to point out, was separate from he day to day financing of running the city and the decisions required towards that.

"So I hope people can separate it in their mind, this is massive in helping us deal in a backlog, but it sure doesn't deal with it all.

But the budget of running police, fire, recreation, all of those other things and ongoing road repair and everything else, is a completely separate matter" -- One segment of Mayor Herb Pond's commentary on Monday evening related to the city's budget issues ahead

Following tonight's session, the City will be providing resource material for the public to review in anticipation of the two public consultation periods ahead. 

As well as an opportunity to use their online portal Rupert Talks to offer guidance on budget themes.

The session tonight can be viewed through the City Video stream available here.

It should also be posted to the City of Prince Rupert YouTube Archive following the session tonight.

The Committee of the Whole Budget Special is not the only gathering for Council tonight.

The City's website indicates that two other sessions for the Council membership are set for this evening.

A Special Regular Meeting to take place at 4PM, followed by a Closed Council session.

So far, the City has not provided any details as to what the agendas for those two sessions will consist of, or what topics are to make for their discussions.

More notes on civic themes can be reviewed through our Council Discussion archive.


  1. To put the backlog in perspective,

    In the last 20 years, the City has only replaced approximately 6 KM of
    the sewer mainline. Out of 90kms total.

    Annual replacement should be 1.1kms a year.

    40kms of piping is past it's useable life, and likely built with sub standard materials.
    50kms is within its lifespan.

    4.9 Sewer, Water, Road, and Waste Infrastructure (starts at page 49)

    1. And in the last 19 years, major port industry has been afforded a property tax break at our expense. Just a Coincidence?

    2. Some will continue to look at the PPTA tax policy as the culprit.

      But after the recent funding announcement from the provincial government. Some may think that the government grant process is a bigger issue than the PPTA policy.

      You will never find anyone who has applied to a grant that would say the process is quick.
      Prince Rupert has been somewhat successful at obtaining grant funding over the past decade or so.

      We have billions in federal grants for infrastructure.
      Senior levels of government need to re-evaluate and expedite the grant process. That money needs to get out to communities faster.

    3. Yes and grant monies went to the all important CN Station / Wheelhouse Pub
      A very important piece of infrastructure the city sorely needed.

    4. There are different grants
      NDIT contributed to rehabbing the CN building
      Infrastructure grants are in the billions and are too slow to be dispersed by the federal government

    5. There’s always this one detracting comment about CN station . If you want to choose a target for your city hall derangement, choose better than a waterfront revitalizing, Indigenous partnership, airport access improving, heritage restorating, public space building project which is 100% funded by grants.

      Turn your malice elsewhere. Like say, cost overruns on the water dam.

    6. As I look around the city I and see the sad condition of it I can’t believe the city and yourself promote this as great for the city.
      The party line is how great the plan is! Release the drawings and business plan.
      By the way there will still be the airport ferry and buses to airport. One flight a day does not justify a what, 10 million dollar dock.

    7. How can you complain about the state/condition of the city and yet also complain about them restoring and revitalizing of one of its most prominent eyesores?

      Would you rather spend $10 million to fix the crappy dock at Fairview and continue waiting for those massive trains to pass? And have to run those prison busses back and forth?

      PS. The drawings are public record from a prior Council meeting. This blog has a great archive I recommend to you.