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Blog Tracking: Week ending March 19, 2023

The Premier came to town this week one part of the visit a fundraiser for local MLA Jennifer Rice, the other more official work. 

That of a significant funding announcement, with 65 million dollars to be awarded to the City of Prince Rupert towards work on the aging municipal water system.

That Friday morning announcement dominated the news for much of the end of the week and delivered a large volume of readers towards our two stories to the theme.

Other notes  on the week included a look at a survey from an online service of moving specialists, Moving Waldo. Their latest review of the BC Home ownership scene placing Prince Rupert among the five most affordable communities for those who are looking for a home, to buy one.

The monthly review of shipping data from the Prince Rupert Port Authority relayed the numbers showing a surge in Grain shipments out of Prince Rupert Grain, while container throughput at DP Word is down significantly from this time one year ago.

The City's Tennant for its waterfront renovation project at the CN Station has launched the paperwork towards a licence amendment. With the Wheelhouse Brewing Company filling their application with the provincial liquor agency, a process includes an opportunity for a public comment period.

And a large segment of the Prince Rupert area and surrounding villages will be without power on March 29th, with BC Hydro providing some advance warning of a six hour power outage for work on area infrastructure. 

From the weeks review the most read of our items was that focused on Friday's funding announcement by the Premier at the Museum of Northern British Columbia.
City of Prince Rupert to receive 65 million dollars towards aging water distribution system -- The day of wearing Green, found a lot of green coming the way of the City of Prince Rupert. That with an announcement by Premier David Eby of provincial funding of 65 million dollars for water infrastructure work in the community.  Our follow up story later in the day, noted the comments from the event of the day as well as some of the provincial coverage of the Prince Rupert announcement.      (posted March 17 , 2023

That article was followed by: 

Moving Waldo Survey puts Prince Rupert in Top 5 for affordable home ownership -- A North American service that provides information for people making moves or looking for homes to buy put Prince Rupert on its map. The North Coast noted for the affordability for homes for sale in BC, though some of their other notes on Prince Rupert may require a bit of an update.   (posted  March 13, 2023

Container throughput volumes at DP World down for 2023, while remainder of PRPA terminals see more reassuring trends -- The latest data released by the Prince Rupert Port Authority notes of a strong surge for shipments out of Prince Rupert Grain, while there are some significant declines in the first two months for the DP World Container terminal facility.    (posted  March  15, 2023

Wheelhouse Brewing Company seeks licence amendment for CN Rail Station location on waterfront -- There is no timeline in place yet for an opening in their new waterfront location, however when they do the Wheelhouse Brewing Company hopes to have approval of some licence amendments for the new location.   (posted March  17, 2023

Hydro gives Heads Up for major power interruption set for March 29 for Prince Rupert area -- Some work on local infrastructure in the Prince Rupert area will see a large section of the community without power for up to six hours overnight towards the end of this month   (posted March 15, 2023

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