Friday, March 17, 2023

Photos and statements the focus following Province's 65 Million dollar infrastructure funding announcement for Prince Rupert

Behold your future Prince Rupert,  65 million dollars in funding will be
making for quite a bit infrastructure work ahead across the city

Mayor Herb Pond has proclaimed it a time to celebrate, the City's administration noting that the town may soon become an active construction site ... just a few of the reactions to today's announcement by Premier David Eby towards funding of 65 million dollars for the city's water infrastructure requirements.

We noted of the early morning announcement from the Museum of Northern BC shortly after the Premier shared the word, providing a look at the Provincial government's take on the day's news.

And since that announcement, the view from civic officials has been unbridled enthusiasm, as would be expected by a windfall of 65 million dollars to be directed to one of the community's most pressing issues.

Mayor Pond made some rare use of his Social Media stream to provide his look at the news, Mr. Pond providing equal shares of credit to former Mayors and Council members, Ms. Rice as MLA and the Premier and Minister Kang.

Mayor Pond adding Minister Kang's thoughts on the days events to his information stream and probably we imagine offering it a like ... at the least.

Ms. Kang's contribution providing for some photos from the announcement event this morning.

The city's social media stream was  equally as enthusiastic as Mayor Pond with the news, offering up a heads up that residents may soon see that 65 million dollars at work.

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice also was quick to sharing thoughts on the funding for her constituency and how it will address the work required ahead.

Ms. Rice's boss even took some time to make note of his trip North and the funding that will lead to rebuilding the city's infrastructure.

Neither the Province's  Information release nor that of the City that followed today's announcement provides for much in detail related to the funding. 

So it's not known yet if it's a lump sum amount coming the City's way, or if it's by way of installments over a period of years.

As well, with 65 million dollars coming from the province, whether a few Ministries will have some form of oversight on the City's extensive work ahead remains to be seen.

We also wonder for the Premier, as to how long it will be before he starts to pick up the phone in his Legislature office to hear  ... Hellooooo Daveeeeee from communities across British Columbia who will we imagine take note of today's news and start to work on their own math.

It was a day for Photos in Prince Rupert with members of city council
on hand for a quick photo with the Premier, Minister Kang and MLA Rice
(from Minister Kang's FB page)

The funding may also make for some shifts in focus for the city's Budget planning which is only now getting underway towards the Spring Budget approval process.

What kind of a schedule the city may  have in mind when it comes to digging holes in the ground,  may be something that the Mayor and council will share when they meet in public session on Monday.

A council session we imagine which will have a much more relieved tone from some of the most recent ones, a few of which centred on some foreboding over potential tax increases ahead.

For the Council membership, both current and past though, today is surely a surreal day and one most welcome to tackle some of the urgent issues that have for too long been untended to.

For the final word though, we think we'll let Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach have the platform ... offering up a call for the Federal government to join in and get onboard the Infrastructure stream.

A look at some of the water infrastructure issues in Prince Rupert can be reviewed here.

More notes from the Legislature can be explored here.

Whether today's news from Prince Rupert resonates beyond the city's borders could make for some of the provincial newsflow today, you can review some of the provincial themes of the day from our Political blog D'Arcy McGee.

Some of the media notes on the announcement can be reviewed below:


  1. To bad this money will not clean up the Belmont nor the Empress.

    1. Why should public money pay to clean up private property?

  2. $70 million for the water supply and now another $65 million for in town distribution a big step forward for prince rupert

  3. Does this mean after many years of no paint we can finally paint the yellow on the curbs again.

    The city looks so much better with the bright yellow curbs every year. Lately it has looked like the city doesn’t care. Some in the city do care.

    1. Goodness gracious people.

      These 2 former anonymous commenters are living proof that if money fell from the sky, someone would complain about the mess.