Friday, March 24, 2023

Nechako Lakes MLA John Rustad to seek leadership of the BC Conservative Party

He's only been a member of the party for a few months, but when opportunity comes along it would appear you take up the challeng.

And for Neckako Lakes MLA John Rustad, that time has come, as he declares himself a candidate for the leadership of the BC Conservative Party.

Rustad joined the party in February, crossing the floor to sit as the only member in the Legislature for the provincial Conservatives, that after he had been expelled by BC Liberal leader Kevin Falcon in August of 2022 over his climate change commentary of recent months.

His shift to the BC Conservatives did create some buzz around the party and reflected some renewed interest and a growing membership of mostly dis-satisfied former Liberals it would seem. 

His move also sent Victoria speculating recently that Skeena MLA Ellis Ross might join him, though Ross, despite sharing many of the themes that Rustad has stated in the past,  put that brush fire to rest pretty quickly, though some observers still see a window open.

The current leader Trevor Bolin recently announced his plans to step down, and the first to step into the race for the leadership has been the Nechako Lakes MLA.

His declaration from Thursday, providing for a thumbnail sketch of where he is politically at the moment, clearly disappointed with the BC Liberals as an opposition party, while making his strong statement of support towards what he outlines is his 'Pro-freedom' agenda . 

That taking up many of themes made prominent by the recent convoy movement across Canada.

Whether his leadership of the BC Conservatives would shift the needle for political support remains to be seen.

But as a number of political observers have noted, his campaign will be channeling a significant segment of the population and could make for some challenges for the BC Liberals in retaining seats in a number of key ridings.

MLA John Rustad seeking BC Conservative leadership on 'pro-freedom' platform
MLA John Rustad running for BC Conservative leadership 
MLA Rustad launches Conservative leadership bid and attacks 'Woke' BC Liberals
'Proudly Pro-Freedom' MLA John Rustad officially wants to lead BC Conservatives 
MLA John Rustad running for BC Conservative Party leadership

You can follow his leadership plans through his social media stream.

More notes on themes from the BC Legislature can be reviewed here.

You can also explore additional themes from Victoria through our political blog D'Arcy McGee.

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