Thursday, March 23, 2023

Following Monday night approval, City opens nomination period for newly created Accessibility Committee

The City of Prince Rupert has put out the call for interested citizens to provide for some of their time towards helping guide civic policy on the theme of Accessbility.

The posting of information towards the quest for members for the seven member committee was released on Wednesday evening, with a goal that at least four of the seven members to be represented by people in the community who have disabilities.

The approval of he creation of the committee came out of Monday's Council session, following a review of a report from Veronika Stewart, the Manager of Communications, Engagement and Social Development. 

We provided a glimpse of that report as part of our preview work of Council on Monday.

At the Monday evening session, the report which was delivered by Corporate Administrator Rosa Miller generated a bit of discussion around the Council Chamber,  all of it in support for the initiative.

Councillor Barry Cunningham noted of the physical nature of the city and it provides for obstacles for those with disabilities or provided for barriers that need to be overcome. Noting in particular of the impact of the challenges in town for Senior citizens.

Councillor Nick Adey noted of a pair of elements towards the topic.

"I would note first of all, to me there's a degree which where we're put in position where we have to do this anyway by provincial legislation. 

Second of all. we're in a position where we ought to do it because it's a good thing to do .

And third,  I note that the cost required there is minimal in terms of any obligation on our part.

So for those three reasons I think that we should move ahead, it's a good thing to do and it will move us closer to solving some of those accessibility problems that we understand that members of our community face"

Councillor Teri Forster was among the strongest backers for the creation of the committee and the work ahead that it will take on.

"I strongly support this, as somebody with lived experience with mobility challenges, you don't have to just  be a senior to struggle sometimes with walking. 

And a lot of areas aren't accessible to a lot of people. 

And So I think establishing a committee to start understanding what the public would like to see us do.

This , to me I think it's pretty cut dried we should be doing it"

The topic had also brought a member of the public to Council earlier in the evening, taking advantage of the public discussion portion of the night towards agenda topics. 

That contribution to the discussion also had noted of the range of barriers in the community as well as to observe of the value of such a committee to the community. 

You can review the full discussion on Monday night from the Council Archive page the residents commentary came at the start of the session, the Council discussion starts at the 26 minute mark. 

The deadline to submit your name for consideration as part of the committee is April 7th, more on the city's process towards the creation of the committee is available here.

A wider overview of the Monday council session can be reviewed from our archive page here.

More Council themes of the past are available for review here.

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