Thursday, March 30, 2023

BC Hydro makes plans for more work around Prince Rupert area into this summer

BC Hydro has a busy to do list ahead for the 
months ahead in Prince Rupert
(image from BC Bid website RFP)

With some of their largest bit of work locally in recent years completed this week.  Work that made for a seven hour overnight blackout for Prince Rupert to allow for it, BC Hydro has a few more projects on the way for the community in the months to come.

An RFP posted to the BC Bid site outlines some of the projects that will be taking place around Prince Rupert, the document posted to the provincial listings notes of Underground work, Duct Bank installations and a 2 phase Voltage Conversion program.

The work will see Hydro employees and contractors working both below the surface and above it at locations found across the City and surrounding region.

The Voltage Conversion program includes replacement of a range of infrastructure across the city, with the documentation towards that work featuring a number of background maps an example of which is noted below:

Much of the work is set to be completed before the end of this coming summer.

The Deadline for submissions to the RFP is set for April 18th.

The full documentation for the work ahead can be reviewed from the BC Bid Website

More notes on BC Hydro in the Prince Rupert area can be reviewed here.

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