Friday, March 17, 2023

Wheelhouse Brewing Company seeks license amendment for CN Rail Station location on waterfront

Prince Rupert City Council will review comments, if any are received,
on April 11th, related to a Liquor Licence Application by the
Wheelhouse Brewing Co. for what will be their new home on the waterfront

There's no indication when they plan to move into the place, but when they do, the Wheelhouse Brewing Company is hoping to have an amended liquor licence to work with as they take up their new digs in the City of Prince Rupert owned facility.

In a Notice posted to the City of Prince Rupert website on Thursday (though an advisory not relayed through the city's Social media stream), the City outlines its receipt of  referral from the Liquor and Cannabis Licensing Branch regarding an application by Wheelhouse Brewing Company.

It notes that the details of the request as follows:

The amendment would enable the applicant have a lounge area endorsement license for their new location at the CN Rail Station at 380 Bill Murray Drive. 

The location will include indoor service areas including taproom, sunroom and a meeting room for a capacity of 140 and an outdoor patio with a capacity of 25, and licensed hours between 10 am—2 am.

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The full application for the amendment can be reviewed here.

Anyone wishing to make comment on the Application may do so by submitting written comments in writing to the Corporate Administrator on or before 4:00 pm Friday, March 31st.

There have been few civic updates in recent months on the status of the CN Station renovation project and Council members haven't seemingly felt any need to bring the topic up as part of their time in the public sessions since taking their seats in October of 2022.

However, with City Council set to consider the topic as part of their Council Agenda on April 11th, that does offer the opportunity for the public to speak to the ongoing work of the CN Station and ask any questions or offer up any comments that they may have towards the project and the plans by the City to host the brewery there.

The public comment period at the April 11th session will take place shortly after the session is called to order at 7PM

You can review some of the past history of the Waterfront renovation work from our archive page here.

More notes on past Council Discussion themes can be reviewed from our archive.


  1. Where exactly is the parking coming from. That was a problem with the original rezoning. The city and council should evaluate this carefully. This will change the parking requirements.

    The city will put forward the plan and say parking will be available after the ferry and new dock is built. That is fine wait until the dock is built. There is no room for additional parking for the pub at present time. You cannot remove all park users parking.

  2. Any business plan should include the question: If the venture is a success is there room to grow the business? The Wheelhouse Pub put forward a plan to the city and it was accepted. At the council meeting when it was accepted by the city the pub was given parking to make the venture compliant with city bylaws.
    Now the pub wants to expand seating which should require more parking. Unless council and the city rolls over and gives up more parking council should fight the increase in seating. I think it was R. Buchan the estimated cost of a parking spot at $12,000.00 per spot.
    There should be no more parking for sale in that area.

    1. Any anonymous commenter should ask: would I make this statement in a public forum with my own name attached? If the answer is no, why waste your time?

      Show up. Voice your point of view to council. Or schedule an appointment with senior staff. Write a letter. Send an email. Do something constructive.

    2. I just gave my thoughts to senior staff with the city, also the city at large. Or at least I hope so. Nothing like shining some daylight on things.
      The city has sometimes two meetings a month to bring up their thoughts.

  3. What do you mean sale the city gave them the park parking!