Friday, March 17, 2023

City of Prince Rupert to receive 65 million dollars towards aging water distribution system

Premier David Eby making the province's 65 million dollar
funding announcement this morning from the
Museum of Northern BC
(image from Taylor Bachrach FB)

Premier David Eby is wrapping up his tour of Prince Rupert with an important announcement towards the city's infrastructure woes. 

With the Province pf British Columbia announcing today that it will provide 65 million dollars to the City to replace crucial sections of the city's aging water distribution system.

In his comments related to the funding, the Premier made note of the work over the Christmas Holiday period  as part of a Local State of Emergency, to keep the city's struggling water infrastructure operating.

“The importance of reliable drinking-water delivery cannot be overstated. We saw first-hand the critical need for this funding last December when the city issued a state of emergency due to water-distribution concerns. Crews worked tirelessly to keep potable water flowing to homes during the holiday season, and I want to thank them for their efforts. Together we are working to support the people of Prince Rupert, replacing aging infrastructure and ensuring that this valuable resource is available now and in the future.”

Work on the city's infrastructure woes should ramp up significantly in the months
  and years ahead with 65 million dollars in funding promised today by the 
Province go British Columbia

Also speaking to the issue today was Minister of Municipal Affairs Anne Kang.

“We know that old infrastructure can cause both public-safety and economic issues within communities. Working together, this funding will help support the health and safety of the community, and ensure people have access to the services they rely on.”

Securing the funding is a significant achievement for North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice, who forwarded a stream of correspondences in recent months to both her own government and to the Federal government to highlight the urgency of the water infrastructure issues in the community.

“The health of my community is paramount. This investment will ensure up-to-date water-distribution services that are integral to the well-being of Prince Rupert's people. Our government is committed to supporting communities to create opportunities for them to build the public infrastructure they urgently need.”

The Premier had been in Prince Rupert for local meetings and an NDP fundraising event last night at the Museum of Northern British Columbia.

The statement from today's announcement also includes commentary from Prince Rupert Mayor Herb Pond and Shaun Stevenson, the President and CEO of the Prince Rupert Port authority.

The Mayor expressing his enthusiasm for the support from the province, while the Port CEO noted of the understanding by the province of the urgency of the situation.

More on those themes can be reviewed here.

Few details on how the money will be distributed and what kind of a schedule it will be released with were outlined today.  

As those notes are released we will add to the files towards the funding and how it will be used.

A wider overview of the city's infrastructure issues is available here


  1. Congratulations to former Mayor Lee Brain and current Mayor Herb Pond and council on this great achievement

    1. Congratulations for no infrastructure work to speak of for 8 years? Herb inherited an emergency situation. He was stuck going along for the ride.

    2. You just must not have been paying attention to the tens of millions spent on the new water dam, supply lines, treatment centre, landfill cell, RCMP station, etc etc etc

    3. Lester handed over an emergency situation. 40+ years of boom with nothing to speak of in preparation for an inevitable bust

  2. The BC NDP just announced their budget which includes a $4.2 billion deficit. It's great to hear that our town is going to be at least partially fixed but on top of countless new taxes and inflation, our children and grandchildren are also going to be saddled with paying a trillion dollar federal deficit and a rising provincial debt.

    Before we all get too excited understand that your governments are spending way more than they have. Want tax relief? Unlikely with so much debt to pay off.