Sunday, December 18, 2022

Prince Rupert Local State of Emergency Archive: December 17 -- Until Further Notice

With the City of Prince Rupert declaring a Local State of Emergency on Saturday, December 17th, we will archive any future updates an notes related to the city's concerns on the civic water infrastructure through this page.

State of Local Emergency was suspended on December 24th

December 24 update 

December 23 update

December 22 update

December 21 update

December 20 update

December 19 update

Declaration of Local State of Emergency (December 17, 2022)

City of Prince Rupert Information Release (December 17, 2022)

Items of note related to the Declaration

December 24 -- City of Prince Rupert brings end to State of Local Emergency NCR
December 24 -- Prince Rupert ends state of emergency
December 23 -- Prince Rupert still dealing with one remaining water main break entering into Day 7 of Local State of Emergency
December 23 -- North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice appeals to Federal Government for Funding to improve Prince Rupert's Water Distribution infrastructure 
December 23 -- Friday State of Local Emergency Update notes of two new watermain breaks overnight, since resolved, progress in other areas  NCR
December 23 -- MLA Jennifer Rice includes evacuation concerns for community, as she raises Prince Rupert infrastructure challenges in letter to Federal Government  NCR
December 22 -- Just One Active water  main break remains as Prince Rupert enters 6th day of their Local State of Emergency
December 22 -- Thursday State of Local Emergency update notes of no new City Watermain breaks, with one active break under repair  NCR
December 21 -- Prince Rupert's state of emergency enters fifth day
December 21 -- Prince Rupert State of Emergency extends into 5th Day as City continues to deal with Several Service leaks
December 21 -- Wednesday State of Local Emergency Update from City of Prince Rupert notes of additional water line break, ongoing assessment of current and emerging conditions NCR
December 20 -- Prince Rupert State of Emergency maintained, residents reminded that water quality is still good, despite main breaks
December 20 -- Additional contractor on duty for current freeze issues, concerns for week's end and thaw for City of Prince Rupert  NCR
December 20 -- City charts road closures owing to ongoing water repair work   NCR
December 19 -- Secretary for Emergency Preparedness Jennifer Rice supports State of Emergency in Prince Rupert 
December 19 -- City of Prince Rupert State of Emergency in effect until at least December 23
December 19 -- Prince Rupert State of Emergency (video)
December 19 -- City of Prince Rupert update on water issues notes of three breaks and assistance of Contractors  NCR
December 19 -- Local State of Emergency makes for first council related notes for Mayor Pond's Social Media Stream  NCR
December 19 -- First available dates for presentation of Scrap the Tax Cap petition not until February NCR
December 19 -- In follow up to Local State of Emergency, People for Public Infrastructure call for local politicians to speak at Public Forum  NCR
December 19 -- North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice outlines her steps to assist City in response to State of Local Emergency NCR
December 19 -- Prince Rupert pipe problems  (audio)
December 18 -- Prince Rupert under state of emergency due to water main breaks 
December 18 -- Prince Rupert declares local state of emergency over water main breaks, supply interruptions  
December 18 -- Increased water main breaks prompt local emergency in Prince Rupert 
December 17 -- Sixteen minute Special Council Session charts situation facing City's water supply and offers information for the public on what's ahead   NCR
December 17 -- Local State of Emergency Declared by City of Prince Rupert in response to Multiple Water Main Breaks 
December 17 --  Local State of Emergency declared by Prince Rupert City Council 
December 17 -- City of Prince Rupert declares State of Local Emergency due to Escalating Water Breaks NCR

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