Wednesday, December 14, 2022

MLA's won't collect scheduled wage increase for 2023

British Columbia's MLA's will be taking a pass on a scheduled pay increase for 2023, the news something that was working its way through the Legislature media on Tuesday, that following a vote of the Members.

The original call for a cancellation of the wage increases came from BC Liberal MLA Todd Stone from Kamloops, who introduced the recommendation back in November.

The Government has yet to make any statement towards the vote to forgo the wage increase in 2023, ceding the information flow on the day to British Columbians to the Opposition Party Liberals. 

And from the category of No Good Deed (no matter how sensible it seems) should go unpunished, the BC Liberals have claimed the win on the issue.

Yesterday Mr. Stone noted of the success of the push to cancel the proposed MLA pay increase, the BC Liberal offering his thanks to British Columbians for keeping the pressure on the government since November.

While a ten percent top up would be helpful to anyone in these inflationary times, it's doubtful that MLA's will have to hold a Garage Sale to pay off the Christmas season shopping bill.

The most recent data from the BC Legislature lists the base salary for an MLA as $115,045.93.

Cabinet Ministers such as Nathan Cullen can add on an additional 57,522.97, while a Parliamentary Secretary such as North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice can look forward to an additional 17,256.89.

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The full schedule of compensation is available here.

Other Financial disclosure statements of MLA's can be reviewed here.

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