Sunday, December 18, 2022

Blog Watching: Week Ending December 18, 2022

The Saturday announcement by the city of Prince Rupert of a Local State of Emergency related to the city's water infrastructure seems destined to dominate the discussion for Sunday and the week ahead; with our notes related to the early evening Statement quickly rising into the top five items for the blog of the last seven days.

And while we await more details on what may be ahead, a look back at the remaining four items for the week, find a number of municipal issues on the list that gained a strong readership.

The Prince Rupert Airport proved to be a subject of much interest, with our two articles featuring YPR Manager Michael Pucci finding a strong audience.

Also receiving some large attention was our notes on the Special Council Session of Monday that outlined a contract award for the new RCMP detachment.

The proponents of the Scrap the Tax Cap Petition returned to their information sharing streams, observing how North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice plans to introduce the petition when the Legislature resumes inVictoria in 2023.

The Prince Rupert Port Authority outlined its latest work towards its Green Wave initiative, noting of the launch of additional shore power at the DP World Container Terminal.

From the weeks review however, it was some themes of interest from the Prince Rupert Airport that found the largest audience of the last seven days.

Globe and Mail notes on Prince Rupert airport, gain response from YPR Manager Michael Pucci -- A recent article on aviation in Canada, featured a few themes which were responded to by the Prince Rupert Airport Manager. The Monday item was the first of two we featured on the Prince Rupert airport this week. With a follow up piece on Tuesday noting of some local themes for air travellers.       (posted December  12, 2022

 That article was followed by: 

Zoning for RCMP Detachment site approved, Contract for Construction awarded at Special Regular Council Session on Monday --  City Council used a Special Session on Monday afternoon to move forward on the city's RCMP detachment plans.  Our follow up article of Friday to the theme also found a larger audience this week.  (posted December 13, 2022

Scrap the Tax Cap Petition to be presented by MLA Rice to Legislature in 2023: Petition Organizers  --   Petition organizers for the Scrap the Tax Petition of the fall have returned to their information streams, noting of plans by MLA Jennifer Rice to introduce their collection of signatures in early 2023.   (posted December  15, 2022

City of Prince Rupert declares State of Local Emergency due to escalating Water breaks  --  Prince Rupert City Council members called a Special Council Session late Saturday afternoon to address some concerns over the growing challenges for the city's water infrastructure. We also provided a review of their Council Session as part of our coverage of the situation.    (posted December 17 , 2022

Port of Prince Rupert Green Wave program reaches new milestone with additional shore power in place at DP World Fairview -- The Prince Rupert Port Authority has added on to its Green Wave initiative, reducing the Port's Carbon footprint through additional shore power at the DP World Container port.       (posted December 14, 2022

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