Thursday, December 22, 2022

Thursday State of Local Emergency Update notes of no new City Watermain breaks, with one active break under repair

The City of Prince Rupert has updated their notes on the current Local State of Emergency with a Thursday morning dispatch which notes of some good news, with no new City waterline breaks to report and work continuing on the watermain at 1st Avenue East,

Today's notes outlined the current status of the Local State of Emergency which is still in effect. 

Since last night, there has been only one new water service break on the homeowner side, and no breaks to City infrastructure overnight, which continues the downward trend in breaks over the past few days. 

There are six remaining active City-side breaks, and 5 on the homeowner side. 

The Local State of Emergency remains in effect, however, with Emergency personnel meeting on a continuous basis to reassess local conditions. 

City Emergency and Operations personnel will also continue to monitor potential impacts from thawing and ground shifting as temperatures warm up over the next week.

As well, the City calls attention towards the forecast of snow for the next few days, with additional advice for homeowners and business owners.

Residents should be aware that the forecast is now calling for snow, and crews are focusing on preparing for community snow removal needs over the days ahead. 

As a reminder, residents and business owners are responsible to clear the area in front of your properties – and we ask that if you have a neighbour that is unable to manage snow removal themselves, to lend a helping hand. 

 We also request that residents to do their part in helping City crews make the snow and ice removal process more efficient and effective for plows. 

You can help by ensuring that vehicles, RVs, boats and trailers are stored on your property and not the roadways while the plows go by, and also by shoveling snow into yards, rather than onto the roadway.

Further guidance on snow issues can be found from the City here

For complete notes since the declaration of the Local State of Emergency on Saturday follow our archive page here.


  1. This reader said it last year, and will say it again.

    With our aging population, a program like the one below would be a big positive in our residential areas.

  2. Once again this year the city wants boats and trailers stored on the roadways to be moved prior to snowstorm.
    The time to take action is September or October not 24 hours before snowfall.