Thursday, December 22, 2022

In Praise of the Prince Rupert Heat Pump --- BC Hydro champions work of installations on North Coast

The Heat Pump option is gaining some interest across the
Northwest as residents of the region look for energy efficient
ways to reduce their heating bills
(Image from BC Hydro)

A feature story on the BC Hydro website earlier this month has charted the growing use of heat pumps in the Prince Rupert area and along the North Coast, with the hydro utility profiling the work of Aaron Bosco who installs heat pumps around the community.

The BC Hydro story observes how Bosco is the guy to talk to on the topic, an apparent evangelist on the subject, ready to share personal and professional experiences to the discussion.

Aaron Bosco doesn't want to talk about Prince Rupert's rain. He wants to discuss how heat pumps provide year-round comfort. He has one in his Prince Rupert home, and claims that he's now averaging about $1 a day to heat his 2,000-square-foot home in winter, and 70 cents a day to cool it in summer. 

Bosco is also the go-to certified heat pump installer for a local company who specializes in the technology. He's crazy busy – three or four heat pump orders and two installs each day in October – both as a contractor and as a promoter of the technology.

The BC Hydro piece notes of the improvements in the technology in recent years that now make heat pumps a valuable addition to house heating options for the community.

Advancements in heat pump technology have produced models available in B.C. that can operate in temperatures as low as -30°C, far colder than the lows experienced by Bosco's Prince Rupert clients. We recommend that talking to a licensed contractor to ensure you get the right model to meet the heating and cooling needs for your housing type and region. 

Bosco himself notes of the savings that can be found from the devices. 

"People might say that I'm passionate about heat pumps because I sell them. But I'm seeing energy bills dropping and happy customers. I have one customer who put one in his house and likes it so much that his brother, sister, and his mom are all putting one in their homes, too."

The BC Hydro story which you can review here, also notes of the rebate programs in place and other items of interest related to how the heat pumps may operate in the Prince Rupert area.

The piece concludes with a preview of Mr. Bosco's next big project that is ahead for him, that of the installation of 61 heat pumps in the community of Lax Kw'alaams.

Mr. Bosco is not the only enthusiast to share word of the Heat Pump option in Prince Rupert, as we've noted in the past Ecotrust's Prince Rupert office in the Ocean Centre Mall has long been advocating for the home option.

The organization made a presentation to Prince Rupert City Council back in July of 2021 to share some background on their efforts towards raising awareness to the topic.

Further items of interest related to hydro themes can be reviewed from our archive page.

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