Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Vancouver snow, means cancelled Flights to and from Northwest today

The Vancouver area has been hit by a significant snowstorm overnight with up to 30 cm of snow falling in some areas, including Richmond which is home to YVR.

As a result the departures and arrivals board at the province's main aviation hub has been hosting mainly Cancelled or Delayed flights since 6AM.

Included on the list are flights to all three Northwest Airports, included in the cancellation parade of the day, is the daily flight between Prince Rupert and Vancouver.

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So far, the two remaining flights later this afternoon on the Vancouver - Terrace route are listed as delayed, travellers should be advised by the airlines if there are any changes to the schedule as the day moves forward.

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You can also track the status of flights in and out of YVR in Vancouver through the YVR flight status page here.

Other updated through the Vancouver airport can be accessed through their Twitter feed

The social media stream is also relaying some photos of the latest items of note for travellers from those currently at the Airport terminal, or in some cases, stuck on planes awaiting a gate attendant to open the doors.

More notes on aviation across the Northwest can be explored through our archive page.

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