Monday, December 19, 2022

Local State of Emergency makes for first council related notes for Mayor Pond's Social Media Stream

The weekend declaration of the Local State of Emergency related to the city's water infrastructure, made for a rare post for the newly installed Mayor, Herb Pond through his Social Media feed to speak on official civic business.

Mr. Pond's commentary provided for a synopsis of the Saturday Council session and subsequent declaration, reinforcing the Mayor's earlier call for the public not to panic. 

With the Mayor noting how the declaration sets the path ahead to request help if required to address the infrastructure breaks that have been taking place in recent days.

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Mayor Pond has not been near as active on social media as his predecessor in office, particularly towards what he has chosen to use his communication options for. Only logging on sporadically, most recently to share some community notes of interest in the last few weeks.

The use of social media is one which seemingly prefers to let the official City of Prince Rupert Social media feed relay information of note for the community; making for a consistent message from City Hall and the top elected official since taking office.

Prior to Saturday's declaration, Mr. Pond had used his Social Media page to provide updates on the November shooting incident at the Ocean Centre Mall.

Of note from his Saturday post was a brief shout out for North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice, noting how she has been helpful in working things out  at the provincial level.

"And kudos to your MLA, Jennifer Rice, who was also very helpful in working things at the provincial level on short notice."

As we outlined this morning the MLA issued a statement today which outlined the steps she has taken so far to help the City at this time, as well as her own call for the two senior levels of government and industry to help towards the city's ongoing basic challenges.

Towards coverage of those challenges, we invite you to follow our archive page, that will track any updates to the situation from the City, the MLA or any other source of information. 

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