Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Additional contractor on duty for current freeze issues, concerns for week's end and thaw for City of Prince Rupert

The Tuesday Morning update on the Local State of Emergency in Prince Rupert adds one more water line break to the city's list, as well as to review eight other active service leaks in the community and how the Operations Department is addressing them.

Although there was only one additional break overnight last night, there continue to be three water supply main repairs underway at Crestview, 7th Ave East and 1st Avenue East. 

There are also currently 8 active service leaks on the City side that are either scheduled for repairs or under investigation, as well as four known homeowner-side water service leaks. 

As previously mentioned, one of these leaks occurred overnight, with the remainder being those that had occurred over the past week. 

City Operations has also added to the call out list of contractors addressing the ongoing water line situation with the additional help working with City Crews around the clock.

The City also now has three contractors assisting with repairs, as well as two sub-contractors, alongside the City’s own 24-hour rotating crews. Additional resources have been offered by Port Edward, and we thank them for their offer of help during the holiday season. 

We would also like to extend our thanks to both our own crews and our contractors for their hard work in frigid conditions, when we know many would prefer to be home with their families as we get into holiday season. 

Towards the days ahead the City also notes that with a thaw coming our way by the end of the week, more issues could arrive for city work crews to deal with.

Although things trended downwards last night, the overall picture of breaks means that local capacity continues to be stretched thin, which means our Local State of Emergency remains in effect to ensure that we can adequately respond to water infrastructure issues. 

Emergency personnel are also aware that there may be another uptick in leaks when the weather gets above zero degrees, projected in the next week, with the thawing of the ground contributing to shifting of pipes and potential for additional breaks. 

Our Emergency Operations Centre is actively monitoring the situation, regular updates will continue to be provided, and the need to continue the Local State of Emergency will be assessed based on emerging conditions.

You can review the City's full update here.

More notes on the Local State of Emergency in Prince Rupert can be reviewed from the archive page we have created to follow the situation. 

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  1. Glad to see frequent updates from the City during this crisis.

    Also glad to see the MLA voice her position clearly.