Friday, December 23, 2022

Prince Rupert RCMP seek public assistance on Grand Larceny Wanted File ...

The search is on in Prince Rupert and the North Coast region with word out to keep an eye out for a most not in the spirit of the season offender.

With the Prince Rupert detachment of the RCMP using their Social Media page to alert the public to be watchful of their Christmas presents for the next few days, lest they become the latest addition to the Grand Larceny listings.

On the Wanted Watch, a fellow in Green, with a mean disposition.

Standing over Six feet tall, he is known to wear Red, and goes by the of Alias of Grinch.

With all watches of the Prince Rupert Detachment on the alert and a vigilant public at home, it's anticipated the ill intentions of the Grinch will be thwarted this holiday season on the North Coast.

And with some luck and some community compassion, his heart will grow from its current three sizes too small status.

More notes on the file can be reviewed from the RCMP Social media Feed.

A wider overview of the work of Emergency Responders can be explored here.

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