Monday, December 19, 2022

City of Prince Rupert update on water issues notes of three breaks and assistance of Contractors

The Crestview area water break is one of three of concern
 to the City of Prince Rupert around the community today

The City of Prince Rupert has issued its first update on the ongoing water infrastructure concerns since the declaration of a Local State of Emergency on Saturday.

The Monday morning update was issued just ahead of the noon hour noting of three current areas of water main breaks and a risk of a fourth.

There are currently 3 active water main breaks on Crestview, 7th Ave East, and 1st Ave East, with one at risk of re-breaking, due to likelihood of additional fracturing in the pipe. 

There are additionally 6 active water service breaks, with four of those occurring on the City-side. We apologize to those residents and businesses experiencing service impacts in those areas, and are working as quickly as possible to restore service.

The information release also outlined how the city's operations Department will make use of contractors  and how the public may contact the City if required towards issues on their property.

Due to the demands on local capacity, the City has called on two local contractors to assist with these main breaks, with City crews triaging on a 24 hour/day basis to focus on the remaining water breaks as well as salting/sanding. 

Given local conditions, we ask that if you call our Customer Service or After Hours numbers, that you do so ONLY for emergency repairs or service. 

If you experience a water break City infrastructure in your neighbourhood, evidenced by significantly reduced water pressure and no indication of a break in your home, please call (250) 624 6795 during regular office hours, and (250) 624 3000 after hours (evenings and weekends). 

If you experience a water break that is known to be in your home, please shut off your water via the shut off valve in your home and call a plumber directly.

The remainder of the information statement, which you can review here, recaps many of themes from Saturday's council session and subsequent Declaration of the State of Local Emergency.

Update: Late Monday Afternoon the city also added a traffic advisory for motorists travelling through the areas impacted by the Water infrastructure related breaks.

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More notes related to the city's declaration and the recent concerns on the water supply can be reviewed from our archive page.

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