Thursday, December 15, 2022

Scrap the Tax Cap Petition to be presented by MLA Rice to Legislature in 2023: Petition Organizers

The topic that overshadowed the 2022 Municipal election has made its way back to North Coast Social media portals just in time for the Christmas and New Year's Holiday period. 

With the proponents of the Scrap the Tax Cap Petition sharing their latest notes to their initiative this week in a Pre-Holiday period blitz.

In a post to the group's Facebook page on Tuesday, the signature collectors of October have announced what they describe as Huge News.  

With North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice seemingly ready to deliver their document to the Legislature sometime after the resumption of the proceedings of the Chamber in Victoria in 2023. 

As part of their relay of information the ScraptheTaxCap collective notes how those who had signed the petition and supported them in the fall have known of their plan for over a month.  

The delay towards presenting the Petition was one that let six weeks of Legislature time go by. 

The group choosing to hold onto their documentation from the time of the Municipal election in Mid October and the close of the Legislature in late November, making for 24 days at the Legislature  where the petition did not move forward towards provincial officials.

That decision is explained by the proponents, as one taken to await the change of NDP leadership in Victoria from the John Horgan government to David Eby's recent rise to the Premier's Office.

The proponents of the petition note that they believe the New Year is their best chance to find success.

"Now is our best chance to convince the Province to take action: we have a new Premier and Minister of Finance. 

Our former MP Nathan Cullen is in cabinet, and our MLA is "not aligned" with the government on this issue. 

We expect our petition to be presented by Jennifer Rice when the BC Legislature sits in the New Year. 

And we look forward to seeing how the new leadership at the Province responds". -- The plan ahead for the Scrap the Tax petition organizers 

The reference to Mr. Cullen is an interesting one, he recently left the portfolio of Municipal Affairs where he may have had some significant impact on the concerns of the group;  his new portfolio of Water. Land and Resource Stewardship  may not deliver quite as much in the way of heavy lifting for the group's demands in Victoria.

One thing that may work in the favour of the petition organizers is as noted in their update, the shift of Minister's in the Finance Ministry.  

Former Minister Selina Robinson who seemingly did not agree with much of what the Scrap the Tax Cap  initiative had suggested, has since been shifted to a new portfolio.

Taking her place is Katrine Conroy, who while a surprise choice for many as Finance Minister in the Eby Cabinet sweepstakes, does come from a more rural community background in the West Kootenay's and may have more empathy for issues from outside of the larger centres.

As for the North Coast MLA, there's no mention of her future plans towards the petition document yet noted on her  constituency website, nor through her Social Media streams of Facebook or Twitter

We have forwarded a few requests to Ms. Rice in recent days for a statement towards the petition plan but have yet to receive any comment towards the initiative.

Among the questions, the timeline towards when she expects to receive the document from the #ScraptheTaxCap proponents and when it may be introduced in the Legislature. 

MLA's currently are on a Winter break through Christmas and so far there is no indication when the call to return to the Legislature will take place. in 2023.

We also are curious if there are any other issues where Ms. Rice now finds herself 'not aligned' with the provincial government as is stated in the recent postings from the group.

The last comments from Ms. Rice to the topic of Scrap the Tax Cap petition came in an October radio program with the local CBC

Should we receive a reply to our request for comment on recent events  we'll expand on those themes as required.

The Scrap the Tax Cap Petition organizers note that they have collected over 1400 signatures to the document and will be accepting new names it would seem until Ms. Rice takes the document to Victoria, find out more about their initiative here.

One thing is certain from the statement from the Scrap the Tax Cap proponents. 

How the new NDP leadership of the Province  under Mr. Eby and his cabinet responds to the Scrap the Tax Collectives' demands for more fairness from the Port will be worth watching out of Victoria. 

Though it's not clear if the new administration at City Hall will be making use of the same approach and tactics as that of the last Mayor and Council in addressing the issue.

As part of the renewed push towards creating continued or additional interest towards the initiative, the two most ardent supporters of the petition from the previous Council membership have also returned to their Social Media streams this week.

With both former Mayor Lee Brain and former Councillor Blair Mirau revisiting their previous talking points of the fall and adding their newest commentaries to their social media feeds.

You can review those heady fall days of Prince Rupert Tea party themes through our archive on Civic taxation issues.

We'll keep an eye on the progress for the petition and make note of things if there any changes to the plan towards introducing it to the Legislature in 2023.

Those seeking what are now daily updates from the organization can follow their Social media page for their latest themes.


  1. Thanks for the update! I was wondering why we hadn't heard anything after their initial big blitz. Now we would all love to hear your commentary on their FOI findings about the Port Authority...

  2. Well thanks for taking the time to ask, if you dig into the archive you'll find my previous notes on the entire petition campaign and of the organizers approach to their FOI findings.

    The renewed info delivery from the proponents seems to be a return to mostly releasing more snippets towards their initiative, but they have yet to release the full report, for the public to review.

    So not much more to say, I have provided a number of links to their latest efforts for those who wish to keep abreast of their daily briefings, so dig in and enjoy,

    But I don't plan to spend too much of the holiday period ahead exploring the themes of two months ago, or the pregame show for some event in January, February or whenever the Leg returns.

    Maybe the local media will offer up more items to address your wishes.

    I will however be watching for something of substance to come along as Ms. Rice prepares to address the Legislature and introduce the document.


  3. What news is bigger, having our MLA introduce a citizens petition at the legislature in 2023 or when the city presented the same issue at UBCM in 2014.

  4. Just when I thought you almost wrote a very fair piece about something port-related, you label folks at the end as "Prince Rupert Tea party".... a few points for you to consider:

    -the tea party movement is about cutting taxes for corporations, not asking for everyone to pay their fair share

    -the tea party movement's stated priority is debt reduction, not actually properly funding public services

    -the tea party movement is a weird mix of libertarianism and far right conservatism while the tax cap issue seems to be a blend of democratic socialist ideals

    1. Was referencing the Boston Tea Party ... probably a bit before your time, look it up if you get a chance...

      Anyways, I'm pretty sure you've received all the attention you wanted here,

      So back to your Social Media posts and website maintenance.