Friday, December 16, 2022

Crestview work moves into Second day on city's east side

City crews continue their work in the area of the Pumping Station 
and Montreal Circle in the Crestview Drive Area

City works crews took on their second day of work today on the watermain break on the system that serves the city's water supply.

As we outlined yesterday, the City advised of the situation first thing on Thursday morning of traffic disruptions for the residents of the Crestview Drive area, following up with some notes on possible water discolouration as a result of the situation.

The work continues today, with Crestview offering no through route from either direction and all of Applewhaite Drive closed, with the work taking place along that road from the Pumping Station up to the City Reservoirs on Montreal Circle.

Applewhaite Drive off of Fredrick has been closed as part of the
city's repair work on water infrastructure

So far today, the City has not relayed any updates on the status of the repair work or how long the road closure may remain in place.

The Crestview area isn't the only east side location with a significant road closure, those that travel on the lower road to the Industrial site from the SPCA are taking the Highway today. 

That as a result of Shawatlans Road being Closed at two locations.

Access to the industrial park from Prince Rupert is restricted to just 
the Highway today as work continues along Shawatlans Road

More notes on City of Prince Rupert Operations themes can be reviewed from our archive page.


  1. Do you know whether there are any old asbestos cement (AC) water pipes in Prince Rupert, and if there are were any AC water pipes involved in these recent water main breaks?

    1. I have no knowledge of the nature of the pipes in question from this current situation, you may wish to send an email to whichever City Councillor you believe will be able to best find out and offer you an answer to the question though. NCR