Thursday, December 29, 2022

City of Prince Rupert Urbaloo closed to public once again

The Downtown Urbaloo is closed once again owing to water line issues

The only public washroom facility in the downtown area, has once again been put under lock and key, with the Urbaloo at Third Avenue West and Seventh Street closed to the public. 

The downtown washroom facility had closed earlier this month owing to frozen pipes, had seemingly reopened again briefly; but the Facility closed sign was put back up just before Christmas. 

The public washroom facility just another casualty of the city's ongoing challenges with water infrastructure at the moment.

There has been no update to that December 21st notice provided since, to indicate when the City believes the facility may be able to return to use.

The Urbaloo project was designed in the most part to serve the growing number of the homeless in the downtown area, funding towards the project in part came from federal funding for homelessness initiatives.

A look back at the path towards the new Third Avenue West facility can be explored below:

December 2 -- City of Prince Rupert Urbaloo Closed owing to frozen pipes 
July 15 -- Dwindling menu items to be found on Eat Street of late 
April 2022 -- City to work with RCMP on Eat Street/Urbaloo concerns 
March 2022 -- Rupertites invited to dig into the food fare at Eat Street 
February 2022 -- Progress for Eat Street
January 2022 -- Progress on Water Dam, Eat Street plans ... slight delay in progress for Third Avenue East extension among themes from Major Projects Report
December 2021 -- Mayor's notes provide a bit more detail on plans for Eat Street in city's Mid-town region
November 2021 -- Meet you at 'Eat Street Square'
November 2021 -- Major Projects Review provides for stream of percentages on progress for City initiatives
November 2021 -- Potty progress in the downtown core
November 2021 -- With No more bathroom breaks for Mariner's Park this year, there are few options for for those in the downtown area
September 2021 -- Delays for public washroom project should spur Council members to provide an update on much anticipated initiative
February 2021 -- City Council looks to be Lookie Loos on grant prospects for 24 hour public loo
February 2021 -- Council to consider opportunity to seek out funding for additional public restroom facilities in the city

More notes on the City's project themes can be explored here.

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  1. Like seeing the long list of articles over time. Just shows exactly how much time the City Hall and council wastes on what should be simple and straight forward.