Friday, April 22, 2022

City to work with RCMP on Eat Street Urbaloo concerns

The City's Eat Street Project gained some notes of interest from
a Major Project Review last week for Council

The city's new urban washroom which was put in place as part of the Eat Street Food Truck location at Seventh Street and Third Avenue West is getting somewhat of a rough ride from some of its users.

The City's Director of Operations, Richard Pucci made note of the concerns as part of a report to Council from the April 11th City Council session.

"Eat Street is 100 percent compete, we have three food trucks on site, the washrooms are open now 24 hours a day. 

However, I have to report that the washrooms are seeing some significant abuse and sleeping inside, so we are working with the RCMP on that"

The notes on the Eat Street area were part of Mr. Pucci's larger Major Project Update review, which charts the progress of some of the more prominent civic projects currently underway.

Of those projects, the one that is next closest to completion is the somewhat delayed end of the work on the Woodworth Dam which is listed at 95% complete, with an anticipated finish date sometime towards the end of May.

You can review the full report for Council from the April 11th Agenda package.

Mr. Pucci's presentation is available through the City's Video Archive, starting at the seven and a half minute mark.

More items of note from the April 11th Council session can be reviewed from our Council Timeline feature.

A wider overview of some of the Major projects underway can be found from our archive page.


  1. Well gosh, who could've foreseen issues with this bathroom on 3rd - except everyone who spends time on 3rd Ave! Do the people in City Hall think that entire end of 3rd Ave has bars and gates over entrances and across windows for purely aesthetic reasons? Methinks City Hallers need to emerge from their ivory tower and take a stroll through the growing skid row that is downtown more often.

  2. It doesn't fit with 2030 plan so it doesn't matter along with roads, line painting and neglected condition of many properties in Prince Rupert.