Monday, April 11, 2022

Movie making moves to the east side with traffic impact for Shawatlans Road

A portion of Shawatlans Road from the City to the Industrial Park
will be closed intermittently today to allow for filming of a movie

The production of the Island between Tides is heading to the east side of Prince Rupert this week with, the area adjacent to Shawatlans Road to be the setting for scenes through the morning and early afternoon period.

As a result, the City of Prince Rupert has advised of some traffic impacts, with the road to the Industrial Park to be closed intermittently through the filming period to allow for the movie making. 

As the city notes, residents have two options, the Highway route to go around the film shoot, or await the go ahead to transit through the area and steal a quick look at the location shoot for the day.

The film began shooting in the city last month and has been travelling to a variety of locations in Prince Rupert, Port Edward and area.

Some of our past notes on the production currently underway in town can be reviewed here.

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