Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Much Eggcitement over Egg Deliveries in Prince Rupert

A most valuable holiday cargo, the supply of eggs is the focus of 
much interest for local bakers this week

One minute they're here, the next they're gone, such is the valuable commodity that is the egg these days.

With the Christmas Baking season now at full speed ahead, Prince Rupert area bakers are finding that one key ingredient is the subject of the latest curious round of supply shortage issues. 

With stores emptied of eggs on Monday and shoppers buying up those that came in this morning as fast as they can be put out in the display areas of the city's grocery shopping options.

There has been no official statement noted in the local stores as to the state of the supply lines at the moment, but should the boom and bust themes continue, friendships may hang in the balance.

It will be the thing of neighbourhood feuds future should someone knock on the door asking for a few eggs to tide them over and self preservation of baking plans rise to shape the answers.

Those looking for the suddenly coveted dairy items should keep watch on social media where the ebb and flow of supply is being charted almost by the hour.

For today the supply chain seems strong ... tomorrow ... time will tell!

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  1. Avian Flu is a growing concern and will impact supply out of the Fraser Valley.
    Demand has likely spiked for local producers in the North West or their production has been curtailed due to limited testing capabilities at a local level.