Saturday, December 24, 2022

Up, Up and Away, Santa's Sleigh is on the move around the Globe

Santa is underway for his 2022 tour of the world

See update at the bottom for the total number of presents delivered on Christmas Eve 2022 and the time that Santa arrived this year around the communities of the North Coast, Northwest Haida Gwaii and Southeast Alaska!


Those of us on the North Coast still have a bit of time before the sound of sleigh bells and reindeer hoofs are heard around the region, offering perhaps a glimpse of a famous red nose guiding the man in Red in the Sleigh to his appointed rounds.

However, in many parts of the world the annual Journey of the North Poles most famous resident has already taken flight with the flight path of Mr. Claus being followed closed by NORAD the joint Canadian-American Air Command which keeps watch on all things in the skies.

As Santa arrives in Canadian and American airspace, jets from air bases across the country will be taking to the air to help Santa reach all destinations on the continent.

As they do each year, NORAD has provided a link to satellite tracking, giving Canadian and American children just a bit of a heads up as to when they should be in be and the cookies, milk and treats for the reindeer left out.

You can keep watch with NORAD through the NORAD tracks Santa website, with its live look ins along the way.

The NORAD Tracks Santa Facebook page also features some behind the scenes glimpses of the staff on duty for the night as well as range of games and fun activities to take part in while Canta works his way around the Globe.

NORAD caught a glimpse of Santa as he departed the North Pole hours ago, beginning his whirlwind 24 hour trip around the globe that ends as he hits Hawaii.

While we were sleeping on the North coast overnight, Santa and the reindeer were out and on the way to their Christmas Deliveries, covering a fair portion of the globe to the West of the international date line.

As of the Noon hour in Prince Rupert, the flight plan so far has taken Santa to Eastern Russia, Australia, New Zealand, China and much of Asia with the Jolly Old Elf directing the Reindeer guiding system to points west.

Santa's travels from Christmas Eve 2022
(Latest satellite imagery as of 12:22 AM )

And at 12:22 AM Santa left Prince Rupert en route 
to Alaska and points beyond!!!

Heard over Seal Cove was ...

"Merry Christmas to all and to all a Goodnight!"

Kitimat, Terrace, Prince Rupert
Haida Gwaii and on to Ketchikan

Getting Closer!!!

We're in the home stretch for Operation Santa
for 2022, with San Francisco the latest stop on the tour.

As Santa works his way up the Pacific coastline
all of the youngsters of the North Coast, Northwest
and Haida Gwaii should be tucked into bed.

San Francisco, California

Houston, Texas
Toronto, Ontario
New York City, USA

Entering Canadian Air Space on East coast
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
London, England
Paris, France
Berlin, Germany
Rome, Italy
Cairo, Egypt
Delhi, India
Shanghai, China

Sydney, Australia

. .
    Lift off from the North Pole Overnight

Presents Delivered so far:


As of 12:22 AM Christmas Day Pacific Time

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