Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Wednesday State of Local Emergency update from City of Prince Rupert notes of additional water line break, ongoing assessment of current and emerging conditions

The City of Prince Rupert has provided for the third update towards the Local State of Emergency that was put in place on Saturday evening.

The most recent notes providing a glimpse of their ongoing efforts and an eye towards the warming temperatures that are on the way and any potential of a sudden rise towards infrastructure issues.

The latest dispatch from City Hall also relays good news on the Crestview waterline issues, with repairs complete and the reservoir at standard capacity.

"Although breaks have trended downwards over the past two days, City Emergency and Operations personnel are aware that with conditions warming up, that thawing may shift the ground and cause additional breaks. 

Regular updates will continue to be provided, and the need to continue the Local State of Emergency will be continuously assessed based on current and emerging conditions. 

Since midday yesterday there was one additional water service break this morning, with nine service breaks currently active, and 1 remaining active water main break on 1st Avenue East. 

We have also now repaired the Crestview break that had required us to reroute our water supply since last Thursday. 

This is good news for our water reservoir, which is currently at standard capacity with reduced risk to supply thanks to the completion of repairs in the Crestview area. 

There also a remaining 5 active water service breaks on the homeowner side of infrastructure." -- From the Wednesday City of Prince Rupert statement on the State of Local Emergency  

The remainder of the update recounts previous guidance for homeowners towards their own waterlines and home requirements, as well as a reminder on traffic impacts from ongoing civic work.

A review of all information related to the Local State of Emergency can be found from our archive page.

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