Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Avalanche Canada adopt New Forecast model for 2023

The Avalanche Canada Forecast Map

"Our regions are now determined by the avalanche conditions. We've made these changes to tackle one of our biggest problems with our old system, where conditions would often vary significantly across some of our larger regions." -- Avalanche Canada noting the key reason towards forecasting method changes

How Avalanche Canada forecasts the risk of Avalanches across the northwest has changed with the national organization announcing a new forecasting model for the season ahead.

The bulletins and detail information on snowpack themes and risks has proven to be an invaluable resource for those in the Northwest that take to the back country in the fall, winter and spring.

The changes related  to how they will review and advise on potential risk were outlined by Avalanche Canada in late November. 

Included in that announcement was the addition of some resources for the Northwest. 

We also have a new field team in northwest BC, based out of Smithers. The team will be collecting local snow, avalanche, and weather information to augment our regional forecasts for that area.

The full overview of changes to how Avalanche Canada will 
review and advise on the risk of Avalanches in the back country
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The main features for the new model can be reviewed below:

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The organization also hosts a Forecasters Blog, which outlines more on how they create their forecasts for those heading into the Back Country.

You can access the most recent forecast for the Northwest and more notes from Avalanche Canada here.

More notes on past avalanche themes can be explored through our weather archive.

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