Friday, December 23, 2022

Delays, Cancellations marked Prince Rupert, Northwest Air Travel during busy Holiday period

Family reunions at the YPR Shuttle Terminal have been 
hit and miss this week as air travel suffers from ongoing
weather issues in the lower mainland 

Twas a week before Christmas and few planes they were stirring as winter weather put the airlines serving the Northwest to the challenge, keeping the links from north south shut down a few times over the last seven days.

The flight issues resulting from ongoing weather issues in the Lower Mainland which have impacted of lights both domestic and international from Western Canada's largest hub airport.

For those flying out of the Digby Island Airport the Countdown to Christmas started out fine, with an almost on time arrival on Saturday December 17th.

However things took a turn for the worse for the rest of the week, with Delays and Cancellations the rule of flying for the days prior to today.

As we noted yesterday, both Air Canada and West Jet which flies into Terrace, had taken to cancelling their Friday Schedule in anticipation of today's weather event along the BC coast.

Though for travellers flying in and out of Prince Rupert, Air Canada the sole provider of scheduled service to the Digby Island Airport remains hopeful to be back in the air on Saturday, subject to change and weather dependent we imagine.

You can access flight information for the Northwest from the Flight Stats website, where you can track flights from Vanvouer to the airports of the Northwest. 

All of the Airports of the Northwest have been impacted by the weather this week before Christmas, we noted some of the cancellations and such through our archive page.

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