Friday, December 16, 2022

Way finding sign program starts to roll out in the city

Prince Rupert Tourism's wayfinding project is now placing their
helpful visual guide to the city in various areas of the community

If you've been in the Cow Bay Area, or near Mariner's Park in recent days, you may have noticed some new sings blazing your trail through the city, with the Tourism Prince Rupert Wayfinding program starting to roll out across the City.

The first of the new information signs was placed across from Smiles/Cowpuccino's and on First Avenue East on the approach to Mariner's Park.

CowBay visitors will have no problems finding their way around
the area with new way finding signs in place

One of the Tourism Prince Rupert Wayfinding signs
is on the approach to Mariner's Park
(click on all images above to enlarge)

We updated the progress for the program in November as the base for the way finding signs and the Welcome to Prince Rupert signs for approaches to the city were put in place.

Prince Rupert City Council received a full review of the program in March when Tourism Prince Rupert's Ceilidh Marlow outlined how the project would roll out.

More notes on Tourism initiatives in the city can be explored here.

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