Thursday, March 23, 2023

City Council hears word of Strategic Plan approval for Prince Rupert Library

Prince Rupert City Council members heard some good news out of the Prince Rupert Library on Monday evening. 

That as Councillor Teri Forster relayed word of the successful completion by the Library Board towards the Library's Strategic plan.

"I sit on the Library Board as part of my role here on this board and I'm very excited that after a great many years, at our last meeting we approved the Strategic Plan.

Which I know Councillor Adey sat on that board for a great many years and a lot of people in our community contributed to the work of that board that I'm new to. 

So I just wanted to publicly thank everyone who gave some advice and some information to help shape where our library is going" 

The short, shout out to the work of the Library and its supporters can be viewed from the city's Video archive starting at the minute 46 mark.

The Library Board has not as of yet shared any details towards their new plan, so hopefully City Council invites representatives to come to Council to outline what they have planned for the years ahead.

Notes from the Library can be reviewed through their website and Social Media stream.

More items of interest from the Monday night Council Session can be reviewed here.

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