Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Hydro gives Heads up for major power interruption set for March 29 for Prince Rupert area

Whether by phone, or email, a large number of Prince Rupert residents received word last night of some upcoming work by BC Hydro that will turn the power off for a large part of the region for six hours on March 29th.

The advisory was also listed on the BC Hydro Outages list, in the planned outages section. The notice indicating that 3,674 of the hydro corporation's customers would be impacted by the outage. 

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Residents in the area to be affected received robo-calls on Tuesday.

The audio advisory was followed up by an email for those who have that customer service option in place with BC Hydro. 

Those Advisories provided some background towards what customers should do prior to the hydro shut down:

More guidance when it comes to power outage planning can be reviewed here.

You can keep an eye on the BC Hydro outage listings to see if there are any changes to the schedule when it comes to the March 29th work.

Past notes on Hydro related themes can be reviewed here.

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