Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Street Sweeping and Pot Hole repairs on the to do list today for City Crews

Signs of the Season

Those travelling around the city today have probably at some point had to make a detour, with City works crews busy in a range of places tending to pot holes, while the city's street sweeping work moves forward to remove the last remnants of our winter.

The City posted a number of advisories today towards that work, advising of closures of roads for Conrad and the Industrial Park road.

The City's Pothole work should be such that it will be some full time work for weeks if not months ahead, the winter seemingly a rougher one that normal for the city's long suffering roads.

This year could see some new asphalt for a number of areas, with a 65 million dollar top up for waterline work courtesy of Premier David Eby, once the City has put together its list, a number of roads will see a
complete overhaul both above and below the ground.

Last Week's Budget Prevention also included a range of Capital spending requests, included in that was one for 1 million dollars to be put towards the city's annual paving program.

More notes on Civic Operations can be explored through our archive page.


  1. I hope the city isn't going to an extensive paving program with the cash windfall without fixing what's underground. Hasn't worked well in the past!

  2. The cashflow is explicitly to replace what's underground - it can't be used for just anything.